Humanity Project

Exploring connection, vulnerability, and the human experience through nude art; based on the truth that every BODY is beautiful. BE PART OF IT!

Humanity explores what motivates people deep inside and what connects us together. It is about escaping societies narrow description of beauty. It is about discovering who we truly are; because there really is no mold to cram ourselves into. We are all unique, and that's honestly what makes us beautiful.

So why nude? Because there's nothing to hide behind. Being naked removes internal and external expectations and references, and simply leaves behind our true selves. It is the window to the human experience; showing our humanity and how we are connected by similar hopes and fears, joy and pain.

You are perfect for this project because you are you! All that is required is the courage to be vulnerable long enough to let the camera see you as you are. You don't need to hit the gym extra hard, or wait until you shed a few pounds. I want you the way you are!

Themes and concepts I am looking to explore include (see galleries tab for examples and descriptions): 
      ME (that would be YOU actually,               Couples
            just the way you are)
      Motherhood                                          Mothers + Daughters (must meet age requirements)
      Aging                                                  Fathers + Sons (must meet age requirements)
      Medical Change                                     LGBT
      Yoga + Meditation                                 Alternate Lifestyle
      Body Art                                             Landmarks (in states where legal)
Let me know what you are interested in. Really, what's most important is who you already are.

It is very important to me that you feel safe during this experience. Please talk to me about what would help you feel safe and comfortable. Some options might include: 
1) Talk with some of the people who have participated or models I have photographed. (Email me for contact information.)
2) Bring someone to the session who you trust (this will need to be someone you can completely be yourself around and that won't interfere). They can be in the room with you, or just outside.
3) Start mostly draped, then remove the drape to where you are comfortable. 
4) You will have a place to dress and undress privately .
5) Leave your lower underwear on. While I prefer full nudity--because of its timeless, classic look--if it is the difference between participating or not, leave it on. Implied might be a good option, where you cover certain parts. 
6) Before the session, spend some time nude; perhaps with a mirror, getting comfortable with being naked.
7) Bring a prop or something meaningful in your life to be photographed with. 
8) We can work at your home, or at a place that is private, but where you feel most yourself.

Whatever it takes, I will work with you to make this a safe experience.

A few disclaimers 
1) Participants must be at least 18. I love working with more life-experienced people, so if you are older, get in touch too!
2) This is a volunteer project. You don't pay me, and I don't pay you. However, I do provide participants with 3-6 hand printed black and white photos (8"x10") and scans of them. If I do color, I provide edited scans of the negatives.
3) I require a model release giving me permission to use the photos of you. (I would be happy to send you a copy the form I use so you know what you are committing to.) I am willing to work with you on an anonymous basis, and not show your face in any prints. 
4) Your motivation for participation must not be rooted in making someone jealous, angry, or for getting back at someone.
5) This project is not about making people look glamorous. If you are looking for a boudoir or sexy photo to give your husband or boyfriend, I'm probably not the best optoin. However, if you are looking for inspiring images of yourself, in all your beautiful imperfection, this is the place for you!

Feel free to contact me to schedule a session or to ask any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you!

© Paul W. McMullin