My name is Paul McMullin. I am a Structural Engineer by profession, but Photographer by passion. I am amazed by the human form in all it's variation, and love old structures and the outdoors. Any chance I get, I combine them in my work.

I still work in and strongly prefer film; mostly black and white. There is no comparison between a hand-crafted black and white print and a photo-shopped image printed by ink. I use a 35mm Minolta 9, a medium format Mamiya RB67, and Ilford products. 

I love spending time with my three kids  hiking, camping, and playing soccer. They regularly print with me in the darkroom, and each has their own way of seeing the world.

I firmly believe the arts are the seminal expression of the soul. They lift our spirits to the heavens, express our deepest emotions, and challenge us to refine our beliefs and prejudices. Nude art lays bare the depth of human frailty and carries us to the heights of the soul’s resilience and every place in between. It provides no place to hide. The magnificence of the nude form in photography pushes deeply and broadly into the full range of human complexity and struggle. It permits the viewer access to a remarkable range of loveliness and harshness. It reminds us every body is remarkable in its own right, regardless of societal perceptions of beauty. If art gives voice to the soul, then nude art gives flight to that voice. 

Publications & Talks

Highlighting the photographic art of contributors from around the globe, Nude Closeup boldly explores the remarkable details of the human form and artistic vision in a way never done before. Selected from the best work on flickr, Model Mayhem, and other sources, this volume brings permanence and depth to the ever shifting sands of online photosharing. Ranging from subtle to edgy, this collection will expand your vision of what nude art photography is today.

Available at Publishers Graphics.
Preview on Google Books.

Sunstone Symposium- SLC 2013 Talk

I was privileged to present a brief talk about nude art photography at the 2013 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium. The following link takes you to the podcast. The first half is by Katrina B. Anderson about her Mormon Women Bare project. The second portion is my talk. There are questions/answers at the end.

Commissions + Prints

                                Please contact me regarding commissioned projects and prints.



Some Kind Comments

OH MY GOD! Paul! These are amazing! (Nap)

Just got the photos and had a chance to look through them- they look AWESOME. Holy moly. And those triple exposure ones we took in the beginning turned out so cool! (Jacs Fishburne)

Enjoyed the shoot very much, your classic style and calm demeanor are great attributes. I'll be looking forward to next time! (invidious)

The pictures are just incredible, exceptionally to be my word of choice. (Sarah)

Paul, I am thrilled to be a collaborator on something so beautiful. There are contradictions in my body: "old" and "young", "flawed" and "flawless." Somehow you gave them equality--even necessity--for how the images speak. (Anon)

Wow! I am in tears! I love love love love love the black and white ones. Absolutely breathtaking. I am overjoyed. Thank you so much! (AngelEyes)

It was sincerely my pleasure working with you. You have, by far, been one of the most talented photographers and kindest of hearts to model for. You're work shows a dedication to, and a love for the traditional basis of photography that seems to be a sadly dying breed. Any model can trust that a project with you is a cooperation in pure art. I would most happily put myself in front of your lens any day! And you can quote me on that! (justcallmemab)

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